TRENDER BOND- Plaster Key is a first coat of plaster applied directly on any substrate to provide excellent adhesion and key for the final plaster coat. Plaster key is produced with coarse sand and hence is perfect to hold the final coat of plaster in place.

Trender Plaster Key can be used on substrates such as bricks, concrete and concrete blocks. Plaster Key helps to avoid the bad practice of hacking of concrete surfaces for holding the plaster in place. Shearing and slipping of plaster from the base in wet stage can be avoided by using the Plaster Key. No skill is required to apply plaster key as it can be spatter-dashed on the substrate.

  • Acts as first coat plaster
  • Improved adhesion for second coat plaster
  • Reduced spalling of plaster from substrate
  • Reduces thickness of second coat plaster
  • Increases productivity of applicator by 2 folds
  • Increases life of plaster


  • Trender Bond- Plaster key to be mixed with water and spatter-dashed on substrate surface.
  • It also can be comb-troweled on the surface by making a thicker paste consistency mix of plaster key and water
  • For best performance, leave the Plaster key for 7 days before second coat is applied.
  • The substrate to be wetted and extra water to be drained before the application of plaster key. The same method to be applied before the finish coat plaster is applied on the plaster key.

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